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According to the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, an average of 1.5 billion people ride New York’s subways each year. On the Long Island Rail Road, the average weekday ridership reaches nearly 288,000, while the average weekday ridership for the Metro-North Railroad is more than 274,000. New York residents and visitors also ride the PATH, AirTrains, and Amtrack.

Every year, some riders are injured in accidents related to their subway or train commute. They may trip and fall in a station, slip on stairs, or, more rarely, suffer injuries as a result of train or subway collisions. If the accident that harmed them was the result of negligence (either on the part of an individual or on the part of the company in charge of the subway or railroad), the victims may bring a personal injury suit against the party or parties responsible.

In such a lawsuit, the victim must prove that the person or company was negligent (in other words, failed to act as a reasonable person or entity would have in similar circumstances), that the victim was harmed, and that the proven negligence caused the proven harm. If the injured person acted negligently as well, he or she would be held partly responsible for the resulting harm, but would still be able to recover compensation for the extent to which the other party was responsible. The compensation would cover any medical expenses resulting from the injuries, lost wages, and any other related property losses; in addition, the injured person would be able to seek a monetary amount as compensation for the pain and suffering resulting from the injury.

Victims of subway or railroad accidents may also pursue compensation if the accident was caused by a defective product. In addition, relatives of people killed in subway or train accidents may bring wrongful death suits against the people or companies responsible.

If you have been injured in a train or subway-related accident, you should seek medical treatment and contact the Law Offices of Nicholas Rose right away. An experienced and efficient attorney can help you in countless ways—from collecting all the necessary evidence, to assigning appropriate monetary values to damages that are sometimes hard to quantify, to negotiating on your behalf, and, if necessary, advocating in court.

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