According to the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, approximately 7 million people ride NY Transit buses and subways every day. Occasionally, bus accidents can result in people being injured, sometimes severely.

People injured in bus accidents caused by someone else’s negligence or by a defective product (including, for example, components of the bus) may sue the responsible party in order to receive compensation for their medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and any related loss of property. In addition, relatives of people killed in bus accidents may pursue compensation for the losses that they suffer as a result of their family member’s wrongful death.

Bus companies are “common carriers”—companies entrusted with the safety of those they serve. As such, they are expected to take a high degree of care toward their clients. Various regulations apply to such companies, requiring them to take specific measures to protect their riders; violations of such regulations would constitute negligence on the part of the bus company.

However, a bus accident may result from the negligence of people who are not associated in any way with the bus company. Thus, a person injured in a bus accident may have to investigate the circumstances of the accident carefully in order to determine which people or entities might be held responsible for the harm suffered. An experienced bus accident attorney would be of great help in such an evaluation.

If you have been injured in a bus accident, and are pursuing treatment and trying to recover from the trauma, you should consider hiring an experienced attorney to protect your rights. If you have already been approached by insurance company representatives, keep in mind their interest in limiting the amount that they pay out in response to a claim. Insurance company representatives are experienced professionals; you should have an equally capable professional on your side.

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